ReHeva is a proprietary
derivative of withania somnifera

which contains our specific molecular formulation
to restore natural cellular activity.

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Product Details

ReHeva® is a derivative of Ashwagandha (AKA withania somnifera), a popular herb from India that has been used in traditional Indian medicine for 6000 years. Our ReHeva® is the result of 15 years of laboratory and animal studies by noted researchers. During these years, we have developed the optimal composition based on a combined focus of both nature and nurture. The product is the result of rigorous efforts to ensure that every time you take ReHeva®, you’re getting the same optimum composition that has resulted from our studies. This means you get the good stuff, every time.


Our Unique Approach


Supply Chain

Our products are developed with a combined focus on both nature and nurture. In order to optimally develop ReHeva® we follow a very rigorous approach to in-house growing and testing processes.



ReHeva® is exclusively distributed through our website.


Clinical Research

ReHeva® was developed at a national research institute over the last 15 years. Through continuing comprehensive scientific research, safety testing, and trials we will always bring the most scientifically sound health products to our customers.

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